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Fireplace Installations

Whether you are looking to add a new fire feature to your home or are planning new construction, we can help you find the best fire appliance for your home! Our experts at Premier Specialty Service have extensive industry knowledge, and will walk you through the fireplace installation process from beginning to end.

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Gas Fireplace Service

Do you own a gas fireplace that is in need of a service appointment? We can help! Our staff at Premier Specialty Service will:

  • Remove and vacuum logs or other media.
  • Clean and inspect pilot safety system.
  • Re-assemble fireplace with glowing embers.

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Wood Fireplace Service

By keeping up with your service appointments for your wood-burning fireplace, you are helping to keep your family and your home safe from unwanted house fires. Benefits of service include:

  • Allows smoke, toxins and dangerous fumes to escape your home efficiently.
  • Removes soot from the chimney.
  • Reduces dangerous creosote buildup within chimney.

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Electric Fireplace Service

Is the light in your electric fireplace not working? Or are you having trouble with the heat out put? We can help!

We will:

  • Check & replace the lightbulb.
  • Check the fuses.
  • Clean the fan.
  • And check to see if power is able to get to your electric unit.

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Chimney Cap Replacements

A chimney cap sometimes referred to as a crown, is a fortified solid top set over the highest point of a physical chimney. The top is intended to shield and shed rainwater far from the chimney. A chimney is presented to extraordinary climate changes, and block grows and contracts uniquely in contrast to fortified cement. With this regular development and withdrawal, a chimney cap can in the long run split or break and should be replaced. While another chimney cap can be poured in place, a more affordable arrangement is to purchase and introduce a pre-made chimney cap.

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